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The site you are trying to is still unfinished. I know… I need to get it done, but I have other things I need want to get done first!

Please try this site again later. If you still experience the problem, try bothering the Web site administrator.

If you are the Web site administrator, you need to get off your duff and finish the page! People are trying to see some cool content, but this is all you give them. Shame on you!

To See what I’ve got thus far:

1.      Detroit Auto Show 2004 Pics

2.      Tour of Server Word’s Adrian Location

3.      compu_85 driveway cam

4.      Apple Lisa related things

5.      Watch out!

6.      PAS

7.      Other random stuff (mostly images used on forums)

8.      EVA2

9.  Or, Check out Fred's TDI Club